Q:  How do I add an event to the Irvington calendar?

A:  Click on “Submit An Event” and fill out the form. However, please read the FAQ completely before adding an event.

Q:  Who can add events to the calendar?

A:  Anyone! As long as your event is Irvington related it is welcome–live music, workshops, classes, public meetings, sales, special nights, organizational fundraisers, church and school events, etc. Please be sure you’ve filled out as much of the form as possible.

Q:  I added an event, but don’t see it on the calendar.  Why not?

A:  All event submissions are moderated by actual humans and should be approved within 24 hours of submission in most cases.  We reserve the right to edit your submission for accuracy and to delete those events not deemed within the guidelines of an Irvington calendar.

Q:  How do I add a venue to my event?

A:  Pull down the arrow to the right of “New Venue”.  If your venue is not already listed, click on the “New Venue” button and then add your location.  Same thing for “Event Organizer”.

Q:  My event recurs weekly or on some other regular frequency.  Do I need to add each one or is there a recurring event function?

A:  You can set your events to recur in almost any fashion. But please read this carefully before you do.

To add a recurring event, you must first set the beginning and ending time on the same day that it first begins and ends (i.e. not the end date days, weeks or months later). Then you can set a recurrence to be daily, weekly, monthly etc. IF and only if it recurs exactly the same beginning/ending time each day/week/month. Please take a moment and make sure you have done this correctly.

Note:  if an event recurs, but does not recur the same time each day, do not set it as a recurring event.  Make a separate event for each occurrence of the event. Otherwise your listing will not be correct.

Also please do not set events to recur forever because dates and plans do change. No more than six months for weekly/monthly events, please, because if something changes, it is very labor intensive for the moderator to fix.

Tip:  put the location and date(s) of your event in the event description fields, helps both calendar readers and the moderator.

Q:  Can I add a photo or graphic to my event?

A:  Yes, under “Event Image”, you can upload a photo.  Ideally no more than 4 by 5 inches or about 300 pixels.  Smaller is usually better as smaller images load faster for users.

Q:  I made a mistake on my event listing and can’t figure out how to fix it, as I’ve already submitted it.

A:  This is unfortunately something the webmaster has to fix at this point.  Please email wilkerson.rick@gmail.com with what you need to have fixed.

Q:  I only see a few events listed on the home page.  Where are the rest?

A:  The listing on the home page includes only the five next events by time/date. For a complete listing, click on “Calendar of Events”.  You can filter the events by category, venue, etc.  by using the pull-down menus to the left and clicking the submit button at lower left–you may have to scroll down.

Q:  We would like to add a link for the calendar to our organization’s website.  Is that ok?

A:  This is exactly what we hope will happen, so that everyone is using one central calendar. The simplest thing to do is to add a menu link and directly link it to http://www.discoverirvington.com/events/.  Your web developer can make this happen.

Q:  My business/organization should be listed but isn’t.  How can I get it listed?

A:  Click on “Suggest A Listing” and the web administrator will add you to the appropriate section.  All sites must be Irvington related and please double check to be sure you’re not already listed–commercial businesses are listed on the related shopirvington.com website which is integrated herein.

Q:  My business/organization is not technically in Irvington, but we would like to be listed.

A:  We cannot offer a free listing if you are outside the broad boundaries of Irvington (Emerson/10th/Brookville/Edmondson), but if you become a business member of Irvington Business Association/Irvington Development Organization, you would qualify for a member listing.  Visit www.shopirvington.com for more info.

Q: Do you have an email list?  How can I sign up?

A: No we do not have an email list.  However, Irvington Development Organization does and you can sign up here.